Why Choose Prefab Houses?

Why Choose Prefab Homes ?

If you’re struggling to find the perfect house on the market, you may be tempted to just go ahead and build your own. This is a great idea for would-be homeowners who know exactly what they want. If you’re planning to build your own house, the first decision you’ll have to make is whether to go the traditional route with a stick-built house, which means building one from scratch the old-fashioned way, or getting a prefab or modular house, which comes in pre-built parts that you put together. Custom modular homes have both advantages and disadvantages, so here’s a little information to make your decision easier.

Energy Efficiency

One great benefit of opting for a prefab modular home is energy efficiency. Prefabricated homes tend to be built to very careful specifications, with tight seams and state-of-the-art windows that keep heat from escaping and wasting power. The high-quality and careful construction of these homes also makes them more likely to withstand natural disasters, which is a bonus for anyone living in an area with tornadoes or earthquakes. Modular homes in Austin, Texas, for example, are an excellent idea for homeowners worried about high winds.

Speedy Construction

Another bonus of modular homes is the ease and speed of the construction process. As the name suggests, modular homes come in pre-built sections that only need to be pieced together and hooked up to utilities. Like with a stick-built home, you get to decide the floor plan and how all the rooms fit together, but with the added bonus of much faster construction. Because the pieces are all built before you receive them, you’ll end up needing to hire laborers for much shorter periods of time. This also means that you’re less vulnerable to the elements, which can help you avoid lengthy delays.


This is a big one for a lot of homeowners, obviously. The cost of buying a home can be astronomical, so anything you can do to keep the price tag down is always a good idea. The main way that prefab houses save you money is by drastically cutting down on construction and the cost of labor. This is a huge chunk of the cost of building a house, so saving that money is a pretty big deal. As mentioned earlier, the increased energy efficiency of a pre-built house also saves you more money in the long run by reducing your heating and power bills. As always, it’s important to shop around and figure out what your options are. Check the prices of houses already on the market, and compare that to some figures from local prefab businesses. Once you find the right Austin modular home dealer, you can work with them to find out exactly what your needs are and what that might cost you.

The bottom line is that modular homes are often a more affordable and simpler option for someone looking to build a house instead of buying one. The savings on labor and energy efficiency go a long way, and the pre-built sections make the planning stage simpler as well.

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