5 Things to Know When Choosing Your Modular Home Company

Modular Single Family House

Your new modular home is too important to purchase blindly.

You’ve done your research and have concluded that a modular home is exactly what you want. They are faster to get into, you get to choose where to put them, they are less expensive, and easier to customize specifically for your lifestyle. Yes, a new modular home will be the perfect fit for your life.

Now, it’s time for the really important decision.

Who is going to build your new modular home?

Choosing the right company to build and place your modular home is just as important as choosing a builder for a stick-built home. In addition to the importance, there are many manufacturers out there and they are not all equal when it comes to building your modular home. Texas homeowners or soon to be homeowners, need to take this part of the process the most seriously and consider these 5 things before deciding on a company to go with.

1) Pricing Your Modular Home

Before you decide on a company to go with, get quotes. Most importantly, make sure you are comparing the same design of home, square footage, quality, and customizations. Don’t get quotes for two homes, only to find out later that the cheaper home you went with has lower quality materials.

Also, have your quote broken down, so you know exactly what you are getting for the price. You don’t want to have surprise charges you have to pay for later.  Start the process by getting a quote for one company and then take that quote sheet and start shopping around for prices on other modular homes. Texas is a big state and there are plenty of companies to look at.

2) The Process of Building Your Modular Home

Ask lots of questions of the companies you are getting quotes from, most especially about their process. What kind of timeframe are you looking at from contract signing to finished process? Are they backed up on their orders? Do you need to be doing anything at a specific time during their process? What are the steps of your new modular home’s creation inside the factory? What is done at the property site after your new home ships?

Know exactly what you and they will be doing for the next few months to get you into your new modular home.

3) Practicality of Your Modular Home’s Design

Just because a company can build you a modular home mansion, doesn’t mean you should. You decided on a modular home because it was cost-effective and you could get into it quicker than a stick-built home, going with a company that does only huge, ornate modular homes starts to negate a lot of the benefits of why you chose a modular home in the first place. A more complicated modular home is costly and also will take longer to build.

Yes, you could probably get a nicer modular home for the price of a plainer stick-built home. But, ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. Why did you choose to go with a modular home in the first place?
  2. What timeframe are you looking at that you want or need to be in your new home by?
  3. Are you taking into account the additional expenses of items like landscaping, putting in a driveway, and having a garage built after your modular home is delivered when you are looking at the price of a specific modular home?

4) Reputation of Your Texas Modular Home Builder

Before you make a final decision on a modular home company, check their reputation. You don’t want to go with a company that has a reputation of bad customer service, poor workmanship, and constantly not making deadlines during the building process of a modular home. Texas homeowners that have had bad experiences are usually very vocal about them, so you should have no problem being able to find customer reviews on any of the Texas modular home companies you are considering.

5) Support After Your Modular Home is Built

Just because your modular home has been delivered and you have moved in, doesn’t mean the company that built it is done. While you are asking questions about price and the process of building your new modular home, make sure to ask about their customer support for after you have moved in.

You want a company that will be there for you if you find anything wrong with your new home after you have started living in it.

Choosing the right Texas modular home company is important for this new chapter in your life, so take your time and find one you can trust.

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