Savings for Modular Homes vs. Standard Construction in Austin-Area

Manufactured Homes Vs. Modular Homes

If you know anything about standard construction homes, you know that there is a lot of time, energy, and money that gets sucked into building in Austin. In contrast, you are now able to get modular homes for significantly less cost (10-20% lower), with the same high quality final product in Central Texas. 

Understanding a Modular Home

Modular homes are NOT the same thing as manufactured homes (mobile homes)—modular homes are high quality homes which must meet and surpass all of the same regulations that a standard home must pass. Modular homes end up being between 10 to 20% lower cost than standard construction homes. This is because they are created in a manner that reduces costs and focuses on efficiency, while also meeting standard housing requirements. 

The modular home is built inside of a factory and using the most up to date technology, Modular homes can be built within weeks instead of months. The production manufacturers also utilize bulk purchasing as much as possible, giving you premium brands and products at a reduced cost. And when these bulk materials move to the building area, the materials are cut to be exactly the right size—eliminating costly accidents, miscuts, warped material, and removing all wastes that would have been left over from traditional construction. 

Custom Modular Homes

You can also work with your provider to get a complete customized home out of the deal, instead of being limited to the particular style of a standard neighborhood. The customizability of these homes is huge because of their materials and the technology used by the builders. If you wanted a particular cottage home you saw in a movie (say, Antman for instance) you would literally be able to work with a team to create that house—and the final product would cost less than you building from the ground up with a standard home. 

Furthermore, most luxury modular homes end up costing around where basic standard housing begins. So if you had a modular home with around $150 per foot, that would put you at the starting cost for most standard homes—while your modular would already be customized and luxury.

What Is NOT Included in Austin Modular Homes? 

It is also worth mentioning that while the home can be built away from the permanent site, you will have to get a foundation, plumbing, electrical, and sewage installed on site. They can also be built on top of basements and crawl spaces instead of a foundation. This should still end up costing less than building a standard construction house, but they are services which many people forget they need. 

We currently have three collections available for your basic modular home. Within each collection there are different options which will help to express your imagination for customization. For example, the manor collection offers traditional architecture and expansive rooms. These houses look traditional from the outside but can be completely customized from the inside out. 
If you are looking for a modular home in the Austin area, Odom Modular Homes is the best solution with the most experience in building modular homes. Check out our collection today!

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