Prefabricated Homes in Austin, Texas

Domino House at Night

Odom Modular Homes of Austin offers unsurpassed materials and craftsmanship while building affordable prefab homes. Odom Modular was founded on the belief that home design should be fun, while home purchasing should be simple. For over 50 years, we’ve worked to ensure a perfect home that fits your needs and expectations, while providing you with unequaled quality. We care about everything that goes into your home, from concept to financial planning, customization to your family moving in – our goals are designed with you and your needs at the forefront of our process. 

Being the best prefab homes in Texas requires that we give the best experience in Texas. This is what sets us apart from other prefabrication companies. Our service team is the best in the business, helping new home candidates through every step of the process. Our homes are an extension of that idea. We have multiple floor plans and exteriors which will help in customizing your home, while also keeping interior designers on staff to help with the planning. For us, the most important thing is that you leave happy and confident with your choices, and that means remaining in budget. 

By the nature of prefab homes, they are more affordable than traditional houses because they are built with a streamlined system that cuts down on costs and time. We can begin building the construction of the modules while foundations are being put in place, letting us have one of the fastest construction times in Austin. We are able to capitalize on this short timeline by building your home inside, removing the possibility of damage from weather and climate elements. We also consider the quality and scope of waste when looking at building our prefab houses in Austin. We strive to be as environmentally responsible as we can be, including spending a considerable amount of time on pre-engineered design and planning to cut down on production wastes. 

Each one of our collections were created with you in mind, from our large manor collection, to our small cottages, there is room for customization on almost all aspects of your home – giving you maximum flexibility to create your dream home, or your new family home. The manor collection specializes in space, giving you the room you need to take care of a new or growing family. The farmhouse collection specializes in high customizability, allowing for additional amenities to be added, while you save money in the process. Finally, the cottage collection is the smallest of the prefab homes we offer, but it is the biggest in character. Our cottages have the ability to have rooms added on, giving even more customization than our competitor’s cottages. 

At Odom Modular Homes of Austin, we are determined to give you the support and guidance you need to be able to create and customize your perfect home, while staying within your budget. Our prefab homes are a place where lives and experiences are shared, and families are grown. We pride ourselves on ‘superior quality at an exceptional value’ – in fact, that is our exact motto. 

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