What is a Modular Home?

When constructing a modular home, it is often cheaper, faster, and in equal or better quality than traditional built homes. Sometimes referred to as prefab homes, modular homes are built off site in factories and assembled at the building site. Module home layouts and styles can vary and be customized to your vision. The window walls, ceilings, and more can be ordered standard or even custom made based on your specifications and preference. Large sections of your modular home are transported to the plot of land you want your home located and are assembled with cranes. Modular homes and mobile homes are not the same. Mobile homes can be moved from one location to a new location, while modular homes are a permanent structure. Once a modular home is secured to its foundation, it can’t be moved.

Are Modular Homes Popular?

Traditional home building and the upgrades for it have become expensive for homeowners. This makes modular housing more popular now than ever. People have recently become more interested in finding innovative ways to build homes that cost them less money and are less of a headache. Even though modular homes are just now gaining momentum here in the U.S., they have been quite popular in countries like Europe and Japan for decades now. There is a night and day difference in modular homes today compared to how they were 20-30 years ago. The quality of modular homes have significantly improved and became equal to a traditionally built home.

Advantages of Buying or Building a Modular Home

There are several perks to taking the popular route to home-ownership by choosing a modular home, other than it being completely customizable.

Can Be Completed Quickly

Modular homes are usually completed faster than traditionally built homes. Modular homes are fabricated indoors in a large factory, so there wont be any delays in construction caused by unfortunate weather conditions. Modular homes can be built anytime of the year and the major components only take weeks to be finished rather than months for a traditionally built on site home.

High Quality

Modular homes have an exceptional level of consistency and quality since they are constructed indoors. A traditional home is exposed to the elements such as temperature changes, rain, and wind during the process of construction. However, a modular home is fabricated in a setting that is climate controlled. This process ensures straight corners and walls that meet perfectly.

You Get More for Your Money

Since the construction process is streamlined and inclement weather delays are avoided, modular homes cost less to build than traditional homes. Shorter completion time means lower costs. Manufacturers buy their materials in bulk, and this results in savings for the customer.

Environmentally Friendly

The fabrication of modular homes is efficient and reduce excess construction waste and materials. Modular homes operate 15% more efficiently than traditional homes resulting in annual heating and cooling savings. Since modular homes are totally customizable, you can design yours with solar panels, low-energy lights, energy batteries and you even can go completely off the grid if you choose. Even if you want to buy an already built modular home instead of having your own built, these options are still available. You can still obtain materials and craftsmanship that are high quality, have the energy efficiency, and be able to finance as if it were a traditional built home.

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