Modular Homes vs. Manufactured Homes in Austin, TX

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Five Reasons modular homes are better than manufactured homes.

Manufactured homes are certainly a budget-conscious choice for a potential homeowner. Someone looking to limit the up-front costs of a traditional build, might look to a manufactured home as an inexpensive substitute. But manufactured homes are only built to basic HUD standards and do not meet the same building codes that traditional homes do. This can be a daunting prospect for any customer. Well, what if we told you there was a third option?


Modular homes are the future. As home prices continue to rise and real estate availability dwindles, many future homeowners are looking for quality alternatives to traditional construction. Even commercial enterprises are shifting toward more economical options as retail hubs and other spaces are going modular. Why? Modular homes are both affordable and fully customizable — a combination that is sure to please the homeowner. Modular construction saves the homeowner in construction fees and labor, making it more affordable and less time-consuming for everyone involved.


Modular homes are constructed in weatherproof factories, then transported to their final location for quick assembly by specialized builders. The same premium materials and practices that are utilized to build traditional homes are also used here, just prefabricated in a controlled environment and put together on site. Once put together, you can’t tell the difference between a modular home and an on-site construction. 


Modular homes and traditional on-site constructions have much in common. Every feature is built to order! You can select your preference of doors, walls, windows, and even choose your finishing touches, like crown molding and light fixtures. You don’t have to sacrifice your style to save money, and at Odom Modular, we are here to help. We can’t wait to show you all of the incredible options you have to choose from. We offer every floorplan from classic to modern styles and will personally help you design the home of your dreams with every bell and whistle that you desire. No matter your vison, we want to make it happen for you. 


Aside from the environmental and weathering benefits of building off-site, our clients enjoy in-factory inspections, pre-approved materials, low labor costs, and of course, faster construction. Aside from all that, modular homes appraise the exact same way traditional builds do — saving you both time, headache, and money. You want a home or business that is built for you and stands the test of time. Let Odom Modular show you how!


Odom Modular’s homes come with the best home warranty in the business. We offer a variety of premium modular packages to suit any budget and bring over 50 years of experience and customer satisfaction to the table. We are passionate about every detail that is built into your home and will walk you through the process from conception and financial planning to moving day. Our goal is to build you the home of your dreams! 

Visit today to schedule your one-on-one consultation, and let us show you why a modular home is right for your family. Or call us at (512) 549-3093 today.

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