About Jamie Lee Odom

Jamie Lee Odom

General Manager of Odom Modular Homes

Jamie Lee Odom is a native Texan with over 30 years of interior design, modular housing, and real estate expertise. She brings a wide breadth of industry knowledge to her role as general manager of Odom Modular Homes.

Her extensive career includes 10 years in the modular housing industry, allowing her to work with the best in the business of prefab homes in Texas. Before that, she spent more than 20 years in real estate with a focus on residential sales.

Jamie Lee joined Odom Modular Homes in December 2019, when it was still Franklin Prefab Austin. In her current role, Jamie Lee handles the overall management of the company’s business activities. She oversees project management, employee development, training, and home sales. Her visionary leadership has been instrumental in helping Odom Modular Homes become the premier quality prefab home seller in Austin, Texas.

Jamie Lee also served as the president of Modular Homes of America. She assumed this position at the Tyler, Texas-based company in April 2016. In this post, she was responsible for the general management of marketing, operations, and sales activities.

Before joining Modular Homes of America, Jamie Lee was the lead salesperson at a Tyler-based prefab homes builder, Pratt. She excelled as the best-producing salesperson of Pratt from June 2014 to April 2016. Aside from her impressive sales performance, she worked as an outstanding finance facilitator.

Jamie Lee’s career in modular housing started at Oak Creek Modular & MFD Homes, also based in Tyler. She was a salesperson at the company from May 2012 to June 2014. Her keen salesmanship was on full display as she exceeded targets. Oak Creek named her top producer many times over her two-year stay at the company.

Before her success in the modular housing space, Jamie Lee was a realtor and investor. She became a licensed real estate agent in April 1993. During this two-decade stint, Jamie Lee developed a deep understanding of the real estate market as a residential sales specialist. Jamie Lee also leveraged her interior design knowledge as she managed home flipping and remodeling projects. She worked with brokerages, such as Nation’s Properties and Greenberg & Company in Houston, Texas.

Jamie Lee pursued her passion in interior design at the University of Arizona. Since then she has worked on mansions in Houston, bought historic homes and completely redesigned the interiors of those homes, created models for a large home builder, created floorplans for one of the top modular home builders as a result she has gained a wealth of experience and a track record of success across various roles.

Jamie Lee’s passion for creating beautiful homes is evident in her work and long-standing career. Her field expertise makes her a true leader in the real estate and modular housing sectors.

Under her guidance, Odom Modular Homes delivers stylish and functional spaces catering to every home buyer’s needs. With Jamie Lee leading the team, Odom Modular Homes stays true to its vision of providing superior quality homes at an exceptional value.